Friday, March 27th, 2015
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LiveFreeFM Podcast

Rise of the Robots

From taking our jobs to taking our lives, the robot OverLords are out of control. Ken and Nathan talk about the automation of everything. Wh...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

An-Coms Vs. An-Caps

Which is more in line with a free society? In this episode, Drew and Nathan examine the main divide between anarchists. Namely, the split be...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 011

Jaime Sherman, creator of The Voluntaryist comic book series, joins us to talk about using entertainment media as a way of promoting the ide...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Regulate All The Things

Ken and Nathan discuss the over regulation of everyday life. From internet, to healthcare, to the use of private bathrooms, it seems that ev...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 010

Brett Veinotte, a former teacher and tutor, joins us this week to talk about his experiences in the school system, and how that led him to v...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Tax Jurisdictions And Buying Local

Should we feel obligated to always buy local? This is a commonly held belief amongst patriotic Americans, but is it that simple? Drew and Na...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Unintended Consequences

Why does every problem the government promises to solve only get worse? Nathan looks into the theory of unintended consequences. When short-...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 009

Brian Sovryn, host of the wonderful show, SovrynTech, joins this episode to discuss future technologies and their possible on personal liber...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Vapor Vs Regulators

Ken and Nathan discuss the rising trend of vaping, and the fear mongering being used to push for more regulations around it. Is public safet...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 008

Neema Vedadi joins us to talk about his journey and experiences as a mainstream media personality, and his transition into alternative media...[+]